Here’s what some of Jeff’s clients have had to say after seeing Jeff’s edits:

Nick Webb (USA Today bestselling author of the PAX HUMANA SAGA) – “Jeff is simply a fantastic editor. A joy to work with. His attention to detail is breathtaking, not only on micro-editing detail, but in the large-scale “what is this story trying to accomplish” sense. Hire him, and your story will shine.”

Michael J. Martinez (author of the DAEDALUS series, Night Shade Books) – “You’re a damn good editor. I hope we get to work together again soon!”

Jennifer Foehner Wells (author of the Kindle bestseller FLUENCY) – “Great comments, as always. Thank you. This is always a good use of my time/money.”

Felix R. Savage (author of the SOL SYSTEM RENEGADES and FLETCHER CONNOLLY series) – “You’re the BEST editor I have ever met, including all the editors I worked with lo these many years ago in my trad-pub period.”

Timothy S. Johnston (EPIC Award nominee, author of the TANNER SEQUENCE) – “I appreciate all the assistance you provided with these books.  You helped keep them tight and emotional. Hopefully we’ll cross paths again.”

Sonya Clark (author of the MAGIC BORN series, Carina Press)- “I learned so much from you and I know that I was a better writer by the end of the series, because of what you taught me and how much you pushed me to make the books better. Thank you for being exactly the editor that Trancehack, Witchlight, and Firewall needed.”

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